Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Men of Style

If you would have asked me if I would EVER hear my fiancé utter the words "well you're the stylist, dress me" come out of his mouth in a million years I would have said hell to the no.  To my surprise, he did! 

Men can be stylish too & I find it very sexy when a man takes pride in his appearance.  I had a little fun tonight with "Mr. Pitt Posh" as I will call him now & then, and styled him up for a men's look. 

He is a southern guy, so he tends to steer towards plaids & always rocks cowboy boots, so I call this his signature look.  I had to Pitt Posh him by adding his Cartier love bracelet, over-sized watch, and Burberry glasses to the look.

I let him be himself in what he wears but add a little spice to his typical attire.

Pitt Posh

And a special thanks to Mr. Pitt Posh for modeling & letting me style him! Mwahhh!!! :)

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