Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trends are not always your friends.

I'm sure we all have that one friend who believes in every trend that is hot this season, & if you don't have that one friend...then sorry honey, it's you! Word of warning: NOT ALL TRENDS WORK!

Let's start with the not so chic, heel-less shoes.  Although Lady Gaga is known for her love of these hideous heel-less monsters, they do not work for everyone...or in my opinion, anyone.  Yes, I do agree they are interesting & we can thank the late & great Alexander McQueen for that, but no, just don't do it.

Via the

Clearly, Gaga is taking these sky high heels to a whole new level...the ground. 

Moving on, let's go with "ombre" hair.  Now, I'm sure some of my followers have tried to rock this trend or are even still doing the ombre sensation, but people, it's time has come & we need to let it go.

Elle Macpherson, their is nothing fierce about this hair style.

Next, two words: Ugg Boots.  I don't think the creator of this boot thought of the potential play on words the brand could be subjected to..."UGG-ly" boots perhaps?  I mean every college student across America owns at least a pair.  This "trend" needs to end.  Pronto.

Sorry Mr. Ugg, the sparkle just isn't helping sweeten the deal. 

Sorry ladies, but my next fashion faux pas is the crop top.  When worn correctly, this top can bring all eyes on you & your rock hard abs, if they exist.  I'm not saying the crop top needs to go up in flames completely, but if you don't got it, don't flaunt it. (that includes men as seen below.)

Just stop while you're ahead ladies...& apparently gents.  Let's keep some mystery to what's going on under our clothing. 

Next on the list, graphic sweatshirts.  You don't have to post "classy" across your chest on a 100% cotton shirt to get a message across to the world.  These cheesy tops are all over the place right now & bring back the horrendous memory of the sweatpants with "hottie" or "too cute" written right across the butt.  I'm shuttering just thinking about that! 


Yes, I'm sure on some days we all want to "be free" but do we really need to have that written directly across our chests.  I think not. 

I think you all get my point.  Not all trends are your friends.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't take a fashion risk (by all means, PLEASE do) but be yourself & adapt the trend into who you are as a person & wear it representing your true colors.

Much love from the steel city!


What's Black & White & Read All Over?

Welcome to Pitt Posh! A look into the life of a 20 something fashion addict who resides in the steel city.  I've been obsessed, obsessed, (did I say obsessed?) with fashion since as long as I could remember.  I was the girl who would sneak into her mum's walk in at age 4 & try on all her high heels.  If you are that girl too, (or guy) then you're in the right place!

I'm a risk taker when it comes to my clothing selections, but one thing is known about me...and that is black & white.  Even though black & white is the hot trend for fall right now, it's a staple & classic in my everyday life.  You can dress it up or dress it down.  It truly never goes out of style.  

The classic Combo:
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Blouse: Shirin Guild (no longer available)
Jeans: Martin + Osa ( Similar Jeans shown here)
Shoes: Lace & Suede Lamb Peep Toes (find similar ones here: Tahari similar booties)
The Traveling Comfortable Chic at the St. Louis Airport:
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T-Shirt: American Apparel Runway Model Tee 
Pants: Express Drawstring Track Pants (style: white with black stripe side panel) find them here & THEY ARE ON SALE!
Sandals: Calvin Klein Patent Leather Thongs (
Bag: LV Neverfull in Classic Monogram
Luggage: Michael Kors Fall 2006 (I've had it since high school!!)
It's a Jungle Out Here.
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Blouse: Vintage Sheer Oversized Blouse
Pants: H &M Animal Print Straight Legs Pants (h&
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Vintage Dior (No longer available)

My Closet Black & White Must Haves:

3 of my favorite classic black & white items that are always on hand in my closet.

1. The simple black Christian Louboutin pump.  Always a sassy way to spice up any outfit, while turning heads.

2.An over-sized square silk scarf.  My "go to" silk scarf (as seen below) is a Moschino Cheap & Chic extra large (extra chic) wardrobe essential.  It's easy to style & adds an element of sophistication to the average outfit.

3. A white (or Black) leather biker vest.  This vest (pictured below) has seen many elements of the weather & is a constant staple in my life.  You can throw this over any blouse or top to add some edge.  I usually throw it over a feminine blouse to add a feeling of feminine toughness & power depending on my mood for the day.