Monday, September 9, 2013

I Love Clothes.

One of my favorite twitter girls, turned online clothing boutique guru, sent me some amazing pieces that I had to share with my posh posse!

Below I am featuring 3 pieces including an absolutely incredible sheer, ├╝ber detailed tank blouse, a flower & pearl necklace, and vintage style earrings!  You can check out her amazing website that features detailed, fun, & sassy clothing & accessories that you can't find many places! CHECK HER OUT!

How amazing is this sequined tank? Completely sheer & detailed? HELLO DYING!
These are actually earrings, but I couldn't pass up the option to get a close up of these unique beauties in a fun way!
I turned this pearl & flowered necklace I LOVE CLOTHES sent me into a headpiece to go with the bohemian feel of the blouse.

A special thanks to I LOVE CLOTHES for the goodies.  Make sure you shop their site for some amazing style! Also, follow them on Instagram: @iloveclothes_fashionhouse

Pitt Posh

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